Brand Spotlight: Glossier

I don’t wear makeup, usually. A few layers of Dinoplatz lip tint (which smells, sort-of wonderfully, like Welch’s fruit snacks) is usually enough to make me feel ready for the day. But then-bam! In comes Glossier. And boy, I am not ready. Glossier is based on a less-is-more attitude that I found to be down with. The focus is on your skin and enhancing your natural features more than anything else. The flush your lips get when you bite them-Glossier’s Generation G lipstains. The full brows you had before you went tweezer crazy-Glossier’s Boy Brow. The sheen you get after you exercise (minus the sweat)-Glossier’s Haloscope Highlighter. And that’s just the makeup. If you find that my bathroom shelves are stocked with only one brand, you’ll know which one. Sorry Dinoplatz.


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