Movie With Major Style Inspo: Heathers

I’ve always focused on the clothes in movies. When I was very young I would watch Esther Williams films, captivated by, yes, the sets, the swimming, but most importantly, her  jewel-toned swimsuits. That obsession has lingered throughout the years, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Clueless to Game Of Thrones. But right now?  Heathers.

Heathers’ plot is, frankly, not that funny to watch in this day and age. But the one thing I couldn’t stop watching was what outfit Veronica was going to appear in next. They just screamed 80s, but in the best way possible. Take Veronica’s outfit in the picture below, right before she goes to a college party.


It could be straight off of a Dior runway.  It’s not a typical party dress. It’s some sort of overalls hybrid. It’s over an off-shoulder-top. THERE’S A BROOCH INVOLVED. I’m done. This is perfection.

But look, there’s more! Veronica (on the right) is wearing another killer outfit. The skirts high waist and the black/navy palette basically prove that she really is a Dior model pretending to be a high school student. And Heather (in the middle) isn’t looking shabby either. In fact, I’m pretty sure a Kardashian has worn a variation on that outfit in the past 48 hours.


Heathers has so many good outfits it’s insane unholy killing me (pun intended). I’m already taking notes. What movie with major style inspo would you like to read about next?


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