Adventures in: Keratin Treatments

A quick word: Keratin Treatments are temporary hair straightening and smoothing treatments (a relaxer, basically). I got mine done at MiNGLE Salon in New York City, where they used the Cezanne Keratin Treatment. From start to finish, the process took about 2 hours. My stylist said that, based on my hair type, the treatment will last for roughly 3 months. The treatment ended up being $200.

2 Hours Before: Ahh! I’m nervous but excited. Today is THE DAY.  My hair looks like all hell  today because of the humidity, so I have all the more reason to go ahead and take the straight hair plunge. Plus, if I don’t like it, it’s only for a few months. Which is a short time, right? Ugh! Is a relaxer anti-self-love or something? Should I be doing this? The appointment is made, so yes, yes, I am.

What Actually Happens: My hair is washed and shampooed, then combed and divided. The Keratin Treatment (which looks like conditioner) is then thoroughly coated over each section. This stings a little, especially when the formula gets close to my scalp. After each section of hair is coated in the formula it sits in my hair for 30 minutes. Then, to my relief, my stylist comes to wash and blowdry my hair. It already looks straight! I’m not done just yet, though. As the final step, my hair is straight-ironed and my split ends cut.

I am also told a few tips on what will make my Keratin Treatment last longer & look better.

  1. Sulfate-Free shampoo and conditioner (I would say all products you use on your hair should be Sulfate-Free, just to be safe.) Sulfates strip your hair of Keratin, so naturally this will quickly shorten the life of your treatment.
  2. Just don’t shampoo that much. All you need is some conditioner on the ends most days. Really, once or twice is a perfectly acceptable amount to shampoo in a week. And if you have a Keratin Treatment, it’s preferable!
  3. A Keratin Treatment will not make your hair pin-straight. In fact, there will be a very loose wave situation (that I really like the sound of.) But if you want extreme straight, all you have to do is blow-dry. I am a staunch air-dryer, but I am willing to try this tip asap.


What It Looks & Feels Like 10 Hours Later: My hair is smooth and long and silky and straight. My head still stings a little, but it’s very minor. I look like a different person, and I can’t stop taking photos. But would I get this again? That may depend on how long it lasts, but I doubt it. I actually think that my natural hair frames my face better. So, tip #3:

Make sure you know what you look like with straight hair (and like it!) before you get the Keratin Treatment.


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