What is Proper Concert Attire?

This summer, almost every musician decided that they wanted to tour. Presently, everyone else started scrounging around, looking for money to go towards a ticket. And if you, by some grace of god, got a ticket, you started to wonder. What am I going to wear?

Rule of thumb:

If the artist has merch out now, wear that! Merch has gotten to a new level, so if you’re going to see Justin Bieber or Kanye West, take advantage of this. Or, if the musician has a clothing brand, such as Beyonce’s Ivy Park, you could wear a piece from that.

Other Piece of Advice:

Look at pictures of the singer’s style, and re-create part of it. Your fave band member wears a ton of red eyeshadow? Pile. It. On. What if it’s a high ponytail instead? Break out the hair bands. I love re-creating one very recognizable part of the singer’s look and keeping everything else “me.” It’s a subtle hint, but most people at the concert will get it.

Remember that you will dance, so comfortable shoes are a must.

What if the concert is a genre of music that you don’t listen to?

If you have been dragged to a Metallica concert by a friend, sibling, parent, etc. don’t wear “heavy metal” clothing. Ditto with any other type of music that has a recognizable style of dress. It’s better to stay true to your own style than to experiment with kohl eyeliner 10 minutes before driving to a stadium.

Hope this helps!


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