Style Obsession: Marie Antoinette

Recently I’ve been going to museums a lot, and my favorite paintings are always those that were painted during the Rococo period. Now, I don’t want to get all History 101 with you, but that’s the age of Marie Antoinette and dresses that look like cake icing. Specific enough for you? Now, I would never dress like this, except for a costume party or some other event like that. But you can have a style obsession that doesn’t influence your style personally, right?

Anyways, back on track: there is something inherently exciting about Marie Antoinette’s outfits. The extremity of everything: the mile-high hair, the red cheek flush, the nipped-in waist, the large skirt; it’s exaggerated and cartoonish. But that’s the greatness of it, imagining that this monstrous show of wealth could be, no, was real. And I love the exaggeration, and I love beautiful things. And Marie Antoinette just loved them a little too much.

It seems to me that fashion has had the same fascination with Marie Antoinette as I do. Here you can scroll though some of my favorites.

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