Brand Spotlight: Pixie Market

Okay, a lot of you may know this one, but for those that don’t: you’ll thank me later.

Pixie Market has no physical stores, which is their only downside. But if you’re down with online shopping, you’ll love the open-back shirts and conceptual-yet-wearable clothes. The way to find the best pieces is to go to the Back To Stock page. These are the dresses, tops, and bottoms that usually really draw my attention. Basically, it’s a page edited down to what customers like and buy the most-the items that are resonating with a lot of people. Love. This.

Pixie Market also has an aesthetic that is playful yet growing up: A shirt may have bows, but it will be black and white. Clothing is often very sculptural, incorporating twists, ties, bows, and rings. There are tons of off-the-shoulder options. The deeper you go through the site, the more you see their brand forming. Their earlier stuff is better left in the past, (you see this around page 8 on their site) but what they have now?  True gems.


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