First Day of School Outfits: Denim Dreamss

Ah, the first day of school. Is anything more nerve-wracking? You want to show your classmates that over the summer you got cooler, tanner, and just better. Basically, that you glo’d up. You also have to keep in mind dress codes. And stairs. And that at lunch you will have to sit on a nasty bench, so maybe to skip the white jeans. But denim? That’s a necessity.

Here are two looks (modeled by moi, shot by Jonah Siegel) filled with denim goodness that are perfect for your first day.

  1. Canadian Tuxedo Cowgirl. Does that make sense? Doesn’t matter. Cinch it with a belt, throw on some slip-on sneakers, and no one will ask. They’ll just stare. _MG_4452_MG_4448_MG_4459
  2. A bodysuit, bomber, and a bandana? Bomb. Add some Doc Marten’s into the mix and explosions may occur. _MG_4478_MG_4482_MG_4494

So there you go. I hope your first day goes well!

xoxo, Maia


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