The Piece You Never Take Off

That’s my moon necklace, in a photo by Jonah Siegel. It’s not really sentimental in any way, and moons don’t have significant meaning for me. So why do I never take it off? I sleep with this necklace on, I swim with it, I shower with it, I put other necklaces on top of it. Most days I forget I even have it on.

But there is something inherently personal about never taking something off, of adding on to your body, a little like a tattoo or a piercing. A necklace that grows with you organically, becoming shorter while you become taller. A bracelet that becomes a darker shade of pink every time you get it dirty weeding in the garden. A pair of earrings that never get tangled in your hair while someone pulls your overgrown bangs away from your eyes.

These are what make fashion a part of our lives and feature in our memories. And even if, at the end of the day, you take off all of your jewelry, those will never leave.




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