Movie With Major Style Inspo: Breathless (À Bout De Souffle)

Recently I’ve decided to do a giant binge-watch of French New Wave films. As a self-professed Francophile, I’ve always wanted to see the works of Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, but Netflix (my main source of television/entertainment/binge-watching) doesn’t have any of these films. So, using YouTube and various other free streaming sites I’m trying to watch what I can. First up? Breathless.

Jean Seberg, laden in stripes, is just so stylish and simple here. She has a cat-eye flick that she is never without, except when her eyes are covered by cat-eye sunglasses (which are absolutely trendy right now.)


There is such personal style here- it even made me reconsider my hate for fedoras for a second.


I will be trying to recreate these looks all week. I mean, just look at that Herald Tribune sweater!  I’ve found t-shirts online like Seberg’s, but no sweaters (which I think is what she’s actually wearing, right?!)


Oh, and the plot of Breathless is pretty great, too. Comment any New Wave must-sees!



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