How to Participate in Fashion Month if You Don’t Live in a Fashion Capital

Fashion week month is almost upon us! But, alas, I don’t live in New York, Paris, or Milan. Here’s how to keep up with the shows if you don’t live in a fashion capital:

  1. Websites like keep me updated with pictures of every outfit from EVERY show, as well as a short and sweet review. They have an option that sorts shows latest first or best reviewed/most popular first. This is a great option if you want to see the clothes hitting runways ASAP.
  2. Blogs that send correspondents to Fashion Week (,, etc.) often have live-tweeting of shows or a more inside look into their thought process, such as showing you how they pick what to wear, juggling personal style and the urge to be that peacock all the street style photographers flock to.
  3. Look for live streams of shows! Sometimes you can watch the best, most talked-about shows from your own living room. Last season I saw the entire Gucci show this way. Usually you see the clothes way better than you could if you were actually there, thanks to the expert camera work.
  4. I have a friend who works at NYFW, and he collects all the magazines they hand out, puts them in a box, and mails them to me. I know this is an option many don’t have, but if you know someone who can get these magazines, ask them to send them to you! There are some real gems, ranging from Marc Jacobs gossip to really, really in-depth reviews of some collections. I’m talking pages upon pages.
  5. Make your own Fashion Week! Take inspiration from all those street style shots and dress your weirdest, chicest, positively oddest all month. Look at pictures of the shows, don’t read any reviews, and form your own opinion. Write it down. Tell people. Incorporate the beauty look from last night’s show into your routine. Try to catch any trends evolving. Wear it now. Be ahead of the curve, but don’t miss the fun of it. Breathe. Maybe next year you’ll be in a fashion capital. But today, revel in being outside.

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