How To Get The Vetements Look On The Cheap

Help! I’ve gotten Vetements fever! I held off for so long, but now? If I don’t get a DHL shirt I just might explode. But $330 for said shirt? RIDIC. Here is my journey on how to get the Vetements look for cheap.

First, I went to the most obvious second choice. VeteMEMES. This ‘parody of a parody’ has Vetements styles at a tenth of the price.

Yeah, memes are mentioned about five times on one hoodie, but look how similar it looks to the Vetements one!

Okay, so that hoodie obviously takes the cake. But what about those famous Vetements frankenstein jeans?

H&M has THE best Vetements denim dupes I’ve seen yet. Just cutting the back hem shorter doesn’t cut it with me!

And for a shirt more Alexander Wang than Demna Gvasalia, this spliced TOPSHOP beauty completes the look.

This shirt is just the right amount of strange. Tuck it in halfway with a big western belt for the perfect look.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to do a sock heel thing (that was at Yeezy too) just pull a sock over a thin heeled shoe (the more the heel looks like a lighter, the better, if you’re going for a Vetements look) , cut the sock where the heel goes, and then apply traction tape on the bottom of the shoe. Voila!

Head to toe Vetements without one item that is actual Vetements.


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