Adventures In: Dr. Jart+ Face Masks

I’ve made face masks at home before, but mixing egg whites and painting that booger-like consistency on your face is not my idea of relaxation. That’s why I was super excited to try sheet masks. Yes, sheet masks aren’t a new idea, but K-Beauty’s journey into Western stores has made them much easier to find. The masks I tried were from Sephora.

The Masks:

  1. Dr. Jart+  Pore Minimalist- With activated Korean charcoal, spearmint extract, and arginine for superior detoxification and pore-tightening benefits.



2. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Clearing Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber Sheer Mask- Clears up acne and skin blemishes without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


What actually happened:

I tried the black charcoal mask first. It was a struggle to unfold the sopping wet mask after taking it out of the package, but I didn’t mind. I smoothed it out over my face (it wasn’t a bad fit) and set a timer for 20 minutes. I almost forgot about it, the mask felt so smooth and didn’t budge an inch. Some snapchats were sent. Time passed. The timer (Beyoncè’s Crazy In Love) went off, and I peeled off the mask, rubbing in the excess serum. My skin glowed. Dare I say, I was crazy in love.



One star for appearances, one star for comfort, one for fit, and one star for the serum that made my skin so glowy. Minus one for the ridiculous price tag (!!7.50!!)

2. Now for the mask with the giant red pill on the packaging. This one was less of a problem to unfold, though disappointingly looked like an anti-bacterial wipe. Nevertheless, I slapped that baby on, set my 20 minute timer (again, Beyoncè’s Crazy In Love) and set to work wasting time. I had to adjust the mask several times because the chin part was too long, and the mask dripped occasionally. Taking it off, my skin was dewy but no acne was exactly cleared up. Not so crazy in love.



One star for the easy application, one star for the dewy skin, and one star for the extra serum in the bottom of the package. Minus two stars for the awkward fit and not achieving its promise, especially with the hefty price tag.






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