A Fashionable Trip To: Joshua Tree

I love planning trips, and with an upcoming trip to Joshua Tree, (which is just a couple hours from LA) I wanted to share with you my dream gear, itinerary, and more.

  1. Get The Gear!


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2. Where To Stay

Airbnb it! There are some seriously crazy ones in Joshua Tree, from the Instagram-bait Dome in the Desert to a literal pod you crawl into (sleeps 2!) If you’re not a fan of Airbnb, rent out a themed trailer at the kitschy-yet-totally-fun Hicksville Trailer Palace.


3. Where To Eat

Crossroads Cafe- In Joshua Tree you won’t find anything like Sqirl for breakfast, but for fuel before climbing the rocks at Joshua Tree National Park, Cossroads’ Sourdough French Toast works just fine. Also- they have tons of options for vegetarians and vegans.

Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace- This one’s for lunch or dinner. Texmex, sandwiches, burgers, BBQ- If you like any of these you’ll be good here. You’re going for the scene, first and foremost.

4. What To Do

Joshua Tree National Park- Okay, this one’s a given. After spending a day here, you’ll wax poetic about the open desert air. Bring a camera, too, because the cacti look like sculptures you’d find in a museum , especially when the sun starts to set.

Pioneertown- The weirdest thing. Don’t just see the set old Westerns were filmed on. Walk through it. You can even wear cowboy boots (Chiara Ferragni  has some good ones) to better get in character.

A Sound Bath at Integratron- Just go on their website and read about it. It’s insane. But maybe in a good, rejuvenating way? You have to book a spot-either with other people or a private appointment, so do that in advance. Oh, and it’s in a sci-fi looking dome. So. Pumped.


This is my trip to Joshua Tree! Tell me in the comments if you like these sort of posts, and I’ll continue with them. And what other places would you like me to do one on?



















































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