Athleisure: Curse or Blessing?

My friends often say that I dress like a lawyer. I’M NOT A LAWYER. Admittedly, Menswear-inspired coats, tailored black pieces, and “office-shoes”appeal to me a lot. But recently, I’ve found my style veering more towards…track star?

Athleisure (exercise clothes as everyday clothes) is nothing new, but I’ve always been a staunch hold-out. It just looked sloppy. It was going out to brunch and getting croissant crumbs all over your Lululemon. It wasn’t fashion as my dream of fashion was, all Valentino and put-together Chanel, or avant-garde Comme Des Garçons. And while fashion brand after fashion brand embraced it, I still couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge. I tried on Stan Smiths, trying to channel a Phoebe Philo. They looked too big on my feet. It felt like a masquerade, like someone would find me wearing a Thrasher tee and  ask if I even knew how to skate. I can’t skate!! This state of perpetual embarrassment lasted for a while.

Then, one day very recently, I bought a pair of leather burgundy perforated slip-on Vans. They looked good. They also went with all of my lawyer-attire. And then I bought a nude cropped sweatshirt. It had oversized long sleeves. It looked like Yeezy had a baby with Vetements. I fell in love. And then I needed pants to make this a ‘look’, and then I bought a pair of joggers because the first pair was so darn comfortable, and before I knew it I was an athleisure wearing person.

What’s the lesson in this? Don’t boo a trend before you try it? What about make it work for you. My athleisure is in muted colors (blacks, whites, grays, and burgundies) because that fits with my closet and my comfort level. You won’t see me in highlighter yellow leggings. Another way I made athleisure work for me was keeping a shape. Not drowning in fabric (even if it is water-absorbent!) was important for me in order to feel put-together. It worked vice-versa, too. And lastly, mixing high and low keeps it interesting. Here’s some inspiration:


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