Brand Spotlight:Y/PROJECT

Describing Y/PROJECT is hard. It’s if Rick Owens had a baby with Rihanna’s Puma line and that baby grew up to really like both Valentino and Off-White. But that doesn’t give it justice. Y/PROJECT is fun. Their SS 2017 FEMME collection includes velvet genie pants and trailing squid-like ruffles, shimmering pink J-Crew reminiscent suiting, large heart cut-outs over the chest through which emerald green velvet shone, and even a cow-hide bustier. See? Fun. But also smart. Looks are layered so that you only see the full craftsmanship if you go up close. There are a lot of snaps and ties. Freedom but constriction. More than meets the eye.

Y/PROJECT has this artistic sculptural quality, but also one of Rihanna in her music video of BBHMM. It’s time to ask why a woman can’t be both. Y/PROJECT poses this question, but is anyone brave enough to take them up on it?



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