Adventures In: Getting A DevaCut

My relationship with my curls has been tumultuous, but now, finally, I’ve decided to figure out how to treat my ringlets right. Of course, after a little  internet sleuthing, I came up with the DevaCurl community, products, and their very own salon, DevaChan. DevaCurl is a range of products created for wavy, curly, and kinky hair based on a new method of caring for curls. This focuses on no shampoo, instead using their product No-Poo, and their conditioner, One Condition. Since then, styling creams, gels, diffusers, and microfiber towels have been added to the DevaCurl line.

Their DevaChan salons, in SoHo, Upper West Side, White Plains, and Culver City, are a mecca of curls. I didn’t miss a minute booking my appointment.

A year or so ago, I went to a DevaCurl trained hairdresser in Virginia, and let’s just say it was the only haircut I’ve had that I cried about afterwards. Looking back, I think I hated it because they put so much gel in my hair that is looked wet and felt crunchy, but after washing out all that product, I liked the cut. I pushed that memory back as I stepped into the DevaChan salon in SoHo, checked my coat, and met my hairdresser, Henrik. Henrik was super nice and even when I didn’t really know what I wanted, he found a theme from all he pictures I showed him. Volume. Henrik got cutting (a DevaCut is a dry cut, since you want to cut curls where they naturally lie) and I got snapping. I mean, did you really get a haircut if you don’t post it to your story?

Soon enough, Henrik was done, and I had layers but still a whole lotta length. I would’ve been perfectly happy then, but I still had to get the Deva treatment- DECADENCE No-Poo and One Condition, then Supercream and gel. Not to mention clips strategically placed to create height, and a dome hovering over my head to dry my sopping wet locks. Once this scalp warming was finished, Henrik broke up the cast over my curls the products had made, and they emerged (and still are!) soft, touchable, and not crunchy.

So is a DevaCut for you?

If you have very curly hair, and other haircuts don’t seem to work out (such as your ends dry uneven after a cut) a DevaCut might be just right. Be prepared to pay good money after the cut, though. Henrik charged $150. Because of this, I would go for a big change rather than a trim. Go for that bob you’ve always wanted, or those Pintura highlights you’ve seen all over Instagram. They’ll know what to do. On the way out, pick up a bottle or two of No-Poo and One Condition for the road. And maybe a coconut-scented styling cream.


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