Holiday Outfits For The Recovering Sparkle Addict

I used to be obsessed with sparkles. My mom was considering naming me Sequina before I was born, no joke. To this day, the Target sequin leggings phase I had still haunts me. This becomes a problem during the holidays, however, because it’s now that sequins and sparkles are everywhere. It’s the holiday season, yada yada yada. I get it. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a different way to get your seasonal fun in? Here, I investigate.

Look 1 – The Girl Who Rolled Out Of Bed To Come Here, But, Like, Super Chicly*

*She also claims to love the Baroque period, but really just likes the Gucci aesthetic. She probably got her wedding ring custom-made at Catbird. Her signature scent is from Le Labo (but she’ll claim not to be wearing anything).


Look 2- The Artiste With A Stunning Face

This one’s for the girl who lives for her Dion Lee jewelry and Givenchy face jewels but prefers black when it comes to her outfit. She does some sort of art (clay maybe?), but most definitely has family money. Whatever her hair looks like, she made a conscious choice to have it lay that way. Oh, and yeah, it’s somehow an ironic statement.

Look 3- Red Riding Hood Takes To The Streets

Classic red meets classic punk in a classic combination. This girl drinks red wine for the health benefits but smokes because “she’s just a stressed person”. She hates trends but loves chokers. You won’t see her in a mosh pit, but instead running around town going to art shows only to make fun of them on her instagram (on which she has followers in the tens of thousands.) She’s strangely glamorous.

And lastly…

Look 4- For When Your Glitter Ban Fails

Because it will. Glitter, sequins, embellishments-they can be done well. There just needs to be a grittiness to it. All polish and no grime makes Jack a dull boy, but also, everyone around this time of year deserves some shine. So wear your sequins! Just remember to keep them messy. Cry at New Years. Let your makeup streak. Imperfect clothes keep it more personal. That’s a gift, right?!


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