Finding Your Personal Style

For my birthday I always pick an outfit I love to wear. “My best one.” It makes the day feel more special. This year, when choosing this get-up, I came across a realization. All my favorite outfits were pretty similar. They were all…pretty…simple. I loathed this. I don’t want my wardrobe to be basic, or simple. I want to wow people! And wow means Gucci maximalism! Wow means bright colors and t-shirts with shocking phrases and big fur coats!

That isn’t me, though. My favorite outfit, and a pretty common one, is ripped mom jeans, a striped boater tee, a navy cashmere sweater, and black Chelsea boots with little sparkly green socks inside. In the summer, this outfit is more like a white tee tucked into my American Apparel denim shorts or tennis skirt and my perforated burgundy slip-on Vans. I guess you can call it ‘minimalist with pops of color’.

I just call it ‘what I wear to feel like me’.

I’m trying to widen my scope. Get some wow pieces in my closet. But always, always, it’ll come back to this. And I’m okay with that. _mg_0665_mg_0671_mg_0667_mg_0681_mg_0676_mg_0695

As always, my photos are taken by the talented Jonah Siegel.


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