Brand Spotlight: Paloma Wool

I’m trying to avoid fast fashion purchases this holiday season, so one brand that has graced many of my wish lists and emails to relatives of gift “ideas” is Paloma Wool. Made in Barcelona, the clothes feel intensely personal and made with comfort in mind, but by an artist. This makes sense because Paloma Wool is an art project, as well as a brand. Their website calls it “a project which is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed.” 

This means performances about getting dressed in collaboration with Candela Capitan and silk scarves printed with drawings by Tanya Posternak. This is such an interpretive, intriguing way to approach selling clothing that I was pulled into their pieces. 

Which, by the way, don’t disappoint. Though limited, the selection is delectable, and the color palette earthy, calming, and pretty universally appealing. If my relatives don’t pull through, I might just have to sell some gift cards so I can get the burnt orange corduroy jacket beckoning to me through my computer all the way from Barcelona.  

Which reminds me. The only downside? Shipping.


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