Is Uniform Dressing Bland or Ingenious?

I’ve always admired those who have a uniform, an outfit formula they crack out day after day after day. I’ve never been that sort of person. I pledge to stick to a color palette of black, white, grey, and navy, and then I go out and buy a yellow cardigan. I really do want one, though. It becomes your signature. Trends don’t matter so much. People automatically assume that you have style, and that you’re put together.

Or do they? Because along with a uniform comes regularity, predictability. Boredom. Does there come a point where what you wear isn’t interesting anymore?

You hear frequently that ‘creatives’ wear all black to focus their attention solely on their art. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with uniforms. Clothing is forgotten as a means of art, and thought of solely as…a distracter. From higher things, I guess. Clothing becomes a chore, or a burden, rather than a creative decision.

And hey, for some people that works. Karl Lagerfeld enjoys his suits. Emmanuelle Alt always looks very chic. Some people wanna get it right once, and then never go wrong. But for most people who cover their bodies with fabric before they walk out the door, it sucks the fun out of dressing up.

Lacking inspiration? Here are some outfits that are positively absolutely NOT uniforms.


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