Adventures In: K-Beauty

Reading K-Beauty addict’s testimonials online read more like they’ve found the fabled fountain of youth rather than a new moisturizer. Ingredients like snail mucus, bee venom, and fermented cranberries are casually name-dropped. There are tales of skin “that used to look like a lizard’s gizzard” transformed into velvety baby-soft dreams. Products have obscure uses and names like “essence”, and can go from a gel to an oil as soon as it hits your under-deserving, under-achieving lizard face.

Naturally, I was hooked. I bought the Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, the second step in a double cleanse, to go after my Fresh soy face cleanser. It smelled like Dove soap, it had pieces of rose petals, and the experience of putting it on, with it being in stick form, was an experience I hadn’t known that I was missing out on.


Then I bought the May Coop Raw Sauce in a travel size. It was glass, it was high-end, it looked adorable, and I gleefully rubbed it on my cheeks every night. It did not smell like maple, which I assumed it would because it’s made with maple tree sap particles. Instead, it smelled sort-of medical. I was dutiful in my application. And then…my cheeks started getting noticeably red?? I was crushed. It has resided in the corner of my counter for a week now. It will come back when my cheeks man up, or when the maple sap particles at work calm down.


Since these, I’ve gotten the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream (win!), the Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel (have not used yet!), and an impulse buy moisturizer from Sephora (not K-Beauty, but one of the steps!)

So, has my skin gotten better? After that brief cheek redness episode, I would have to say that I have given in to the mysterious ingredients, packaging, and skin-clearing claims of K-Beauty. My skin is so much better, brighter, and as non-lizard as it can get. And yes, while feeling out new products is half the battle, finding a keeper is the closest you can get nowadays to a treasure hunt.

Do you have an K-Beauty favorites? Tell me in the comments!


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