Movie With Major Style Inspo: Amélie

You can find style inspiration in the most unlikely of places, but movies, especially critically acclaimed ones like Amélie, are always goldmines. From Amélie’s black blunt bob (with bangs!) to her long skirts and cardigans paired with Doc Marten-esque boots, her style is a lesson in contrasts.

The Hair-


Amélie’s black hair is cut at ear level, with thick bangs to top it off. This haircut makes anyone look Pulp Fiction-y, but paired with her grandma-chic, frumpish clothes, the haircut is toned down (less femme fatale, more adorable elf) Is this recreatable? Yes yes yes.

The Clothes-


High/Low pairings have been a thing since-who? Coco Chanel? Anna Wintour? Anyways, Amélie is certainly in on it. Her boots ground her otherwise somewhat basic cardigan and skirt combo. Meanwhile, her turban and sunglasses (worn while getting that scrapbook to its rightful owner), and the slip dresses she wears at night add serious style.

A word that comes up describing this movie a lot is whimsy. It’s a characteristic not only of the movie, but of the clothes as well.

Taking a page from Amélie and adding a touch of whimsy into our own wardrobes-whether that means a pair of unique shoes or a giant coat-could start you on your own sartorial adventure. Maybe it’ll start with finding toys in a hole in your apartment, like her. Or maybe it’ll just be a stellar denim jacket. That’s a treasure.




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