My Fave 5 Pre-Fall 2017 Collections

There are so many collections to sort through during fashion weeks that it’s hard to pick through the noise and find a few you really connect with. I’ve tried to do that here. Tell me if I’m missing any important ones in the comments, please! I can only sort through so many until my eyes glaze over and I start compulsively buying things online.

  1. Ellery- Proportions are a constant at Ellery, and this season was no different, with suiting and coats made to look imposing, strong, and 70s. Sculptural and smooth were two words that came to mind. However, warm colors, lacing, and ruffles kept clothes jazzy and ready to rumble, whether in the office, a protest, or a party.

    2. Rag & Bone- Drawing a line between athleisure and leisure can be hard. Rag & Bone managed to do a lazy surfer feel, but not veer into athleisure territory. In fact, it felt almost dressed-up. Layered belts and chunky sandals added grit, and the perfect denim jacket in look 6 seemed to beg to be bought immediately. Rag & Bone knows wearable is sometimes the biggest compliment.

    3. Dion Lee- Often, focusing just on looking good doesn’t make an interesting outfit. Focusing on fabrics, shapes, and textures is guaranteed to make a more complex look. This season, Dion Lee was down with this idea. The shoes! They were burgundy shearling spilling out from a burgundy stocking covered foot, two thick buckles on top. It was a wild version of those infamous Gucci loafers with the fur back. it wasn’t beautiful. But if you stare at it for long enough, maybe, just maybe, you start to enjoy it.

    4. Protagonist- Before writing in “Protagonist”, I had Givenchy in this slot. I took it out. Why? Givenchy’s collection was inconsistent, confusing. There were a few looks I loved and more that I hated. Protagonist is the polar opposite of this. Simple, gorgeously tailored basics. That’s what they do, and they do it well. The focus is on the clothes, and you can see that in everything from the styling to the photography. Hey, those count more than you would think.

    5. Stella McCartney- Man, there are few things as strangely cool as Stella McCartney collections. She can drape your grandmother’s rug over you and suddenly you’re ready to go to the club, whether it’s country, techo, or tennis. This time, she ran with that ability and you can now buy a sweatpant two piece to slouch in that is the EXACT PRINT of The Grandma Couch™. As you can see, I’m very excited.


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