The Margiela Problem

If you haven’t seen, the Spring 2017 Couture show for Maison Margiela was insane. If you need any proof, see below:


Yeah. Obsessed. The only problem? The designer at work here is John Galliano, infamous Anti-Semite. Is it possible to separate work from designer here? His job at Maison Margiela was his real re-entry into the fashion world after his February 2011 tirade.  He has apologized since the attack, but the integrity in that is questionable. By offering him a job, is Margiela giving a pass to Galliano’s history? Are they condoning it, intentionally or not?

This question comes up a lot, not only in fashion. Can you watch Woody Allen films and separate art from artist? Or are those intrinsically combined, no matter how hard you try to take them apart?

These answers are different for everyone, and I don’t exactly know what I think, either. I think admiring craftsmanship is different from supporting Margiela’s hire financially, as in buying the couture. Not that I could, anyway.

So, if admiration is okay, let me say this: the collection was really, truly beautiful. It was, in the purest form, clothes as art.

The clothes get the praise, the man does not.


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