Red, Red, Red: Outfits For Feb. 14th (Paired with Beyoncé Songs)

Whether you dread Feb. 14th or love it, there’s always a few upsides to the holiday.

Number one: Feb. 15th, all Valentine’s candy is reduced. And who can say no to 50% off heart-shaped Yorks? Not me.

Number two: It’s an opportunity to dress up! Now, heart patterns are being left behind here. And red and pink are paired together in an Yves Saint Laurent way, not in a Hallmark Valentines’ card isle kind of way. Is that possible? I don’t really know. We’re not doing it.

Number three: Beyoncé on blast. Also, isn’t her pregnancy announcement enough of an event itself to live it up a little? On this reasoning, OF COURSE I’m going to pair each outfit with one of her songs. Of. Course.

  1. Turn up Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” and wear a suit. A red suit jacket with fringe and pink pants. Paired with a red lip, like here, and heels swapped in for those jazzy white shoes, (even though they’re pretty snazzy! keep ’em if you want!) you’ll know that you’re better dressed than any old boy. e2482ebbc3acbafa84ba156285c53fe7
  2.  Take a page from Agnona’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection and Beyonce’s “Me, Myself, And I” and dress for yourself. Since it’s cold, that means a sweater dress, and boots, and a real bag to hold all your stuff. No body-con. Just you, yourself, and enough room in your bag to hold your numerous packs of gum, your Advil, and your wallet.22-agnona-pre-fall-17
  3. For this Astrid Anderson outfit, none of Beyoncé’s more overt songs would work. “Pray You Catch Me” (though not a love song) seemed to fit, with its orchestra bit and quiet bubbling emotion. This outfit feels like that to me. The tomboy-ish quality of the jumpsuit and feather (?) is just beaten by the soft texture, burgundy color, and off-the-shoulder details. Perfect for catching whispers. umb7893
  4. As this is Schiaparelli Couture, the no heart motif rule had to be broken. And as the heart has not one, but two arrows through it, the song for this look was, naturally, “Don’t Hurt Yourself“. Although ,”Survivor” would work just as well.arc0055
  5. You wanna really steal Feb. 14th’s thunder? The last look from Guo Pei’s Couture collection gets the job more than done. The accompanying song? “Sweet Dreams“, cause honey, that’s the only place this is being worn by anyone other than Carmen Dell’Orefice.

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