Are Trends Over?

See-now/buy-now is all great and good-for those that can afford it. For those that can’t, diluted trends from fashion week seep into the neighborhood mall much, much later. Athleisure, chokers, bomber jackets, those criss-cross lace-up shirts and bodysuits- long after they’ve been declared ‘dead’ by fashion magazine editors, they’re being sold to and bought by Middle America.

So- are trends absolite?

While the urban, more fashion-conscious cities of the country are wholly over one trend, say, chokers, a large part of the country is not, and doesn’t know that the ‘tastemakers’ in these major fashion cities are done with thin pieces of ribbon wrapped around necks. Or do they just not care? Trends are less and less dictated by major fashion brands or magazines and more and more declared by celebrities and Instagram stars. If the Kardashians are still wearing chokers, Vogue’s declaration of being ‘over them’ doesn’t really matter.

Not to mention, trends that are huge in NYC sometimes don’t really ever reach the southern or middle parts of America. The Gucci craze pretty much passed over, save for a few rose patches on jeans or sweatshirts. Even then, the very specific Wes Anderson fairytale that is Gucci is reduced to a floral patch on Pacsun jeans. Or the Vetements craze, once a groundbreaking shake-up of fashion rules, is reduced to an uneven hem on H&M jeans and bold writing in a gothic font down the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt at Zara. Are ‘trends’ now simply fast fashion brands trying to hint at popular high fashion brands without infringing on copyright laws? Maybe so.

That’s not to say that it’s wrong for stores to give consumers (who can’t afford the high fashion brands that these trends are based on) a piece of the magic.

All in all, it’s a pretty hard road to navigate. What are your thoughts? Are trends dead?

photo is from Man Repeller



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