Why, Dear God, Are the 80s Coming Back

NYFW has come to a close, and one message that was and is clear continuing with LFW is that the 80s are having a comeback. Now, I know many who think the 80s being brought from the dead  is a major win, but, alas, I am strongly on the ‘disagree’ side.


Signs of the 80s: big shoulders, big hair, power suiting, sequins.

Who had hints of these: Vetements, Derek Lam, Emilia Wickstead, J.W. Anderson, Versus Versace, Baja East, Rosie Assoulin… I could go on.


While these nods to the 80s aren’t outright, and sometimes are very discreet, they are definitely there, and volume will be a ‘thing’ in the near future, if the 80s get their way. The 80s comeback was bound to happen alongside or right after Gucci’s maximalist take-over, since when you think of overdone, this particular decade pops into your mind first. What next? Will the 20s be the next over-embellished maximalist fashion fantasy? Are you okay with the 80s being this?  I’m finding the suiting (and sparkles!) less and less easy to resist. Send help before I’m bitten by the 80s bug, please!


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