A Fashionable Trip To: Charleston, SC

Spring break has *finally* broken, and there aren’t many places more highly revered by Travel & Leisure or Condè Nast Traveler for hotels, hospitality, and dining (and, possibly, fashion?) than Charleston, South Carolina. This heaping praise has confounded me, as places like Paris, or Bali, or Marfa, Texas seem more like perfect travel magazine fodder. So, I’m willing to check it out. Here is a fashionable trip to Charleston.

  1. What To Wear! The trick is to stay comfortable but artistic-and never bland.

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Where To Stay!

The boutique hotels here span from butlers at your beck and call (Spectator Hotel and French Quarter Inn) to modern and artistic (The Restoration and Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston) and much more in between. If you’re looking for Antebellum, Wentworth Mansion is the go-to.

Where To Eat!

Okay, before researching, I did not know just how many good restaurants there are in Charleston. It is insane. Here were some that stood out.

husk-cr-andrew-celbulkaFig- Um, let’s just say that this place is like Los Angeles up and moved down south. Also- Strawberry panna cotta with lavender granita and marcona almond. Need I say more?

Husk- Southern cooking all dressed up. A James Beard award-winning chef, local ingredients, and inventive pairings equals foodie heaven.

Leon’s Oyster Shop- Trendy and classic can come together, and Leon’s is proof. If you like chicken or fish, you will be set, but vegetarians could enjoy some dishes too.

Xiao Bao Biscuit- Maybe Asian food wasn’t what you were looking for in South Carolina, but when I see some that looks as good as it looks at Xiao Bao Biscuit, I’m going to stop in and eat. Proof? The pictures on their website make your mouth water.

What To Do!

Shop along King Street- Art galleries, fashion boutiques, and a great farmer’s market: some say that King Street is one of the best places to shop in America. You be the judge.

Visit Johns Island- The biggest island in South Carolina, Johns Island hosts Angel Oak, a beautiful place to have a picnic, and Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, where you may be able to see an equestrian competition, if you cross your fingers. 

Bike across the Ravenel Bridge- To counteract all the eating you’ll be doing, cross the Ravenel Bridge by bike, and stop to take a picture. Just don’t wear your Jacquemus shoes on this day.

Charleston City Market- More shopping! Although it’s less chic shopping than King Street, if you want a sweetgrass basket, this is your place. I’m not putting down sweetgrass baskets! They could be great car key/lipstick/miscellaneous holders, and the bigger ones you could use as a hamper. Or a coffee table book bin.

Welp, this is my trip to Charleston! While I don’t think I’ll be able to hit all of these spots, I’ll certainly try. Have you been? What’s your Charleston must-do?



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