Brand Spotlight: Jacquemus

I love the idea of clothes as art. I also love clothes that are wearable, so Comme Des Garçons is largely out of the picture. This leaves brands that sit at the intersection between these pillars. Perhaps this is why Paloma Wool speaks to me. But higher up on the chain, Jacquemus has my heart. His clothes tell stories, not trends, and are influenced by the seaside, but not in a lazy way. The Jacquemus woman is thoroughly French. She can wear a suit like nobody’s business, but the suits are tailored femininely and invoke an earlier era. It’s no wonder that Simon Porte Jacquemus is influenced by Christian Lacroix.


One way you can tell if a young designer will make it is to look at their shoes and bags. If they have a hit, they can pay their bills. Jacquemus has had several. First, their Rond Carre Slingback Sandals (pictured above) are a favorite of artists like Solange, and are sold out at Nordstrom. Second, their Haricot bag (pictured below) is a street style mainstay, and, again, is sold out most everywhere it’s sold. The fact that it came in ‘millennial pink’ at a time when that color was all anyone wanted definitely helped its popularity.


Jacquemus is only going to rise in stature, and I can see the Jacquemus woman becoming much more rounded with every collection. And yes, I will be saving up for a Haricot bag. Or maybe just a hat. The matador-esque ones in the picture below sure do intrigue me…



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