Is Dressing For Instagram A Thing Now?

Recently I was shopping online (as I’m oft to do) and I saw an item that immediately made me think ‘that would look so good on Instagram’. For stylists, that’s not odd. You have to think in pictures, how stuff comes off on camera. But for lil old me, not a stylist, this was odd. And it made me think: have we all become stylists, but for ourselves, namely, our Instagram profiles?

Social media is great partly because we can recreate ourselves. What we’re not in real life, we can use good lighting and borrowed clothing to appear like online. Some people are really great at this. They have an eye for backgrounds and accessories and the like. But while everyone was trying to create their own aesthetic and online world, our real world started to get…infiltrated.

Suddenly, stores have ‘selfie stations’ and we buy makeup solely based on if it looks good on camera (Estée Lauder’s ‘Estée Edit’ comes to mind). You can buy clothes from vintage stores on Instagram by being the first one to comment your zipcode on the post. Influencers get hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for posting pictures of their outfits created from pieces sent to them by brands. Of course buying clothes simply for an Instagram pic would come into our minds, even if our follower counts are much less than Aimee Song’s or Chiara Ferragni’s.

So what does this mean for fashion? Will we continue to be driven to brands with a clear aesthetic and storyline, so they can fit the look of our Instagram accounts? Will fashion brands start designing with shareable images in mind?

And will we buy clothes, dye our hair, eat out, travel, and get tattooed with an Instagram picture in mind?


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