The Appeal Of DIY Fashion

DIY fashion has always been around. Whether it’s cutting your shorts shorter or supergluing a Halloween costume together, “do it yourself” fashion has been a great thing for those of us who are crafty with fabric, glue, scissors, and paint, and have tight budgets.

However, fashion as an industry hasn’t loved this that much. I mean, why fray your own jeans when you could just buy frayed jeans already? Why press patches on your jacket when Zara sells jackets with patches already on them? And I’ve bought into this. But lately, I’ve been super into DIY fashion. And fashion has started to come around, too.

With the rise of personalization, disassembled streetwear, and pins, patches, embroidery, etc., people have realized that they can make things one-of-a-kind. Only, with all of this new control over their clothes, why doesn’t this thinking expand to people wanting to design their own clothes? Oh, sure, you can customize your sneakers on the Nike or Vans website, but what if you want more control of the process?

That’s where I’m stuck right now. I want Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam handpainted on a jean jacket, I’d like a Basquiat printed on a tote bag, and darn it, I have ideas for what I what that are just not being made. So what do you do?

You start designing.


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