Green (ish) Outfits For March 17th

I don’t really like wearing the color green. But I also hate getting pinched. As you can see, Saint Patrick’s Day is sorta lose-lose for me. So here I am, on a quest for green (ish) outfits that are more than liveable. Let’s see how it goes.

  1. Gucci Girl– She doesn’t mind wearing green today because Gucci is all about green. She’s trendy, but also looks like she’s wearing a costume 80% of the time. She grew up in a country club (the proof is in the hair), but moved to the city and changed her look. You know she’s gonna wear that green shimmery suit today. You just know.

    2. The Semi-Minimalist– She may not love all shades of green, but she loves nature, and she’s loath to pass up a holiday, so she’ll definitely be wearing verde today. The place she wears color is on her feet, and wearing her Stan Smiths and just pointing to the green heel all day felt like cheating, so she settled for these forest green flats. She would be a minimalist, but she loves accessorizing, so it just won’t work out.

    3. The One-And-Done– She’s a busy woman, and worrying about green is not the top priority on her mind. So you know what? She’s gonna find a dress with green in the pattern, slip on some shoes, and go get her Nonfat Vanilla Soy Latte. Yes, that’s right. Of course, since the dress is Rosie Assoulin, this move looks all but rushed.

    4. The Risk Taker (but only when it comes to beauty)– She is quintessential Courréges. The blunt green bangs simply tie it all together. Were they green before March 17th? Possibly. But no one can say anything. They just stop, stare, and wonder: is this the girl of the future?

    5. The Ones Who Don’t Care– If you pinch her, you’re going to have to deal with her girl gang. They don’t bother wearing green because Alexander Wang’s newest collab with Adidas doesn’t come in it. Well, actually, you may see a pop of olive on their feet, but that’s only if they’re wearing Fenty slides.


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