Style Obsession: Sade Adu

As the 80s come back with a vengeance, I wanted to reflect on those whose style I liked during that time period. Sade Adu immediately came to mind. And why not? That braid, those hoops, those brows. I mean, come on. This is no Madonna (no shade to Madonna, who is my mother’s heart and soul.) But you are bound to see the difference; this is 80s done elegant. And for everyone struggling with their ‘brand’ or aesthetic, this is signature style done right. So take notes! I know I am.

Notice the color scheme is very muted. The hair pulled back from the face is imperative. The gold hoops are thick and large. There are two hats (three if you count the towel wrapped around her head in picture three) and she rocks all of them, again, with the hair out of the way.

Is calling Sade ‘the Audrey Hepburn of the 80s’ too much? I don’t know. Every photo I see of her style just gets better and better. If this is the 80s that is coming back, I am more than okay with it. What are your thoughts? Are you gonna pull out your gold hoops anytime soon?


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