3 Very Different Spring Looks

Spring is my favorite season because you can wear practically anything and be comfortable. Yes, some say the layering possibilities of Fall take the cake, but I am a staunch advocate of both spring and bare legs, which I think go together like butter and toast. I mean, who likes pants, anyway?

So, as promised by the title, here are three very different looks (and none of them involve pants.)

The Power Play


I am wearing a trés Vetements shirt from Topshop, shorts from AA that are hidden by my long shirt, a red sequin vintage bolero (??)  worn as a halter neck, and, on top, a very professional coat from Zara. The gaze into the distance is Dior. Just kidding. It’s Gucci.


The vintage bolero worn as a halter neck (???) had a malfunction here, but I’m smiling through it. What a hero. Ooh, I forgot to mention: my shoes are Vans and my socks are see-through. Everyone but me hates these socks, but if you dig them too (which, if you do, yessss) they’re Pacsun.


I have no idea what I’m doing here. Putting on my jacket? Impersonating a chicken? The world may never know.


Here’s me trying to do that Vetements thing they pulled this season with their coats. I talk about Vetements all the time here, but I don’t even like them that much. Okay, okay, so I guess I do like Vetements. Don’t burst my bubble.

Your Dad In The Seventies


Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Hoops, Bag, and Button-down: Vintage. Bodysuit and Jacket: AA. Shorts: Brandy Melville. Flats: H&M. I spent more time scouring online for these sunnies than I would like to admit. And I haven’t worn them at all! Ah, life.


As you can tell, I was really feeling the hoops. Forget exercise, jewelry is the real Endorphin booster. For sure.


My eyebrows and lips are showing up on camera because of Glossier. I am wearing Generation G in Zip and wowza! It’s really red. I’m also wearing it on my cheeks, so I’m double the amount of flushed. Picture hot yoga meets heart attack.


Look at my ankle pop! I’m sorry, everything I know about modeling I’ve copied from Emily Ratajkowski’s instagram. Come to think of it, I don’t think she does ankle pops.  Pity.

What I Imagine Marie Kondo Wears


Excuse the clichè Senior photo pose. The shirt is Zara. The shoes are Vans. The dress is not DVF. Yeah, I know, I wish. It’s Brandy Melville.


Here I am in my modern-day Marilyn Monroe moment. Though, with the turtleneck, I’d say it would be more of a Diane Keaton moment. Too bad there’s no tie! I’ll save that for next time.


Here I am very suspiciously peering at something while meekly holding a branch. But my hair looks good. So.


And here I’m crossing the fence. Till next time! Which look was your favorite? Would you like to see more of these types of posts?





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