Movie With Major Style Inspo: Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is known for his movie’s trademark fantastical imagery and style.  Moonrise Kingdom is a classic case of this. From Suzy’s Sunday School shoes, high socks, jewel tones of eyeshadow, and peter-pan collar dresses, to the Khaki Scout khaki uniforms, and even to the Social Services worker’s monochromatic blue, these clothes aren’t meant to make you stare- they’re meant to tell you something about the character.

But, of course, they also are great sources of style to get inspiration from.

First up, Suzy:


There’s a lot to love about both outfits here, but some parts of Suzy’s are really unique. Specifically, that wicker basket (with a kitten inside!) Ditch whatever purse/backpack/kitten carrier you own. This is all I’m going to carry until the end of time. Although, to be fair, that lemon yellow suitcase looks awfully good too…

  1. How to wear it- Pair a wicker basket with easy breezy pieces, à la Jane Birkin. Sandals, mules, or espadrilles carry a summer spirit, and denim, especially by Rachel Comey, is simply the icing on the cake.

Although I’d also love to take a closer look at Suzy’s bowling/ Sunday School shoes, let’s focus on this complete khaki ensemble for a moment. Look at the hat. Then the socks. Back to the hat. And now, scroll past this picture to see how to look like a Khaki Scout at NYFW.


2. How to wear it- Elevate the Scout uniform by styling separates with an editorial eye. What does this mean? Playing with volume, colors (peep those yellow pants), and some strong belting.

Every time Suzy closed her eyes, you saw a bright shock of teal. Now, I know blue eyeshadow is a Middle School cliché, but what would happen if you let Pat McGrath, legendary makeup artist, turn it into a more intentional, stylized look?


3. How to wear it– Think graphic, bold, and applied with a deft hand. Royal blue is the hue of choice, and futuristic and strong are the adjectives of choice. Q-tips are always there in case of a mess up, but in general I think this is better left to the pros. But hey, if you’re a self-proclaimed MUA and want to test how you fare without a youtube tutorial leading the way, be my guest!

Moonrise Kingdom is a movie with a surprisingly easy style to capture in everyday life. A blue eye, khaki pant, and wicker basket is all you need to get a slice of the Wes Anderson fairytale. Now all you have to do is play the part.


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