Gingham Isn’t Just For Dorothy Anymore

When every store you go into has the same picnic blanket-esque fabric in the window, you may wonder why everyone in New York City, Paris, London, and Milan wants to look like Dorothy from Kansas. You’ll come up with no good answers. And then- you’ll carry something gingham to a dressing room and your friend will say that it’s “just so you”.

That will be when you realize you’ve got to hash out what you think of this gingham trend.  Here I go.

The pictures below are just a small fraction of the gingham pieces currently sold on Net-A-Porter. To put it simply, there are a lot. Dresses seem to be a popular contestant for the gingham treatment, but skirts and pants are right up there, too.  Small gingham fabrics are more plentiful than large ones. Rosie Assoulin, Sandy Liang, and Marques’Almeida, all designers I love, seem to particularly like gingham right now.

My reservations with gingham are that it’s too cutesy, and too associated with The Wizard of Oz and picnics in summer. Can you really wear gingham non-ironically despite the connotations surrounding it like, dare I say, flying monkeys?

The best course of action seems to not avoid comparisons to fictional characters and wear blue gingham because, darn it, gingham looks good in blue. Also, basic white sneakers or black heels are the shoe to do. But truly, gingham is so easy to transfer into your personal style that there is no limit to how you wear it. It can be office appropriate, voluminous and swinging, sleek and formal, or beach-ready.

Look at me, I’m selling gingham to you. Wow. Maybe I do like gingham more than I thought? To be fair, this always happens when I hash out a trend. Sigh. I swear it’s something about looking at all those street style pics.

What do you think about gingham? Hate it? Love it? Tell me why in the comments!


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