Brand Spotlight: Pansy

When you want to switch to more environmentally and ethically friendly clothing, you know where to go. Stores such as Reformation and Everlane come to mind. But where do you go to buy what you wear underneath your Reformation spring dresses and Everlane workwear?

Pansy. Organic cotton underwear (and they’re just getting into sportswear) that is minimalistic, comes in all different colors, and is made in California. It helps that their social media and lookbook photos are just so dang good, too.

There are little details about Pansy that make it just that much better.

  1. The bags your purchase comes in are made from fabric scraps of their underwear.
  2. They feature women of all shapes, sizes, and colors in their ads.
  3. They make films of their clothes in action, set to music by Solange. Everyone in the videos looks like they’re holding back a smile.
  4. All underwear consists of just cotton and elastic. Hallelujah.
  5. Colors have names like “Twig”, “Sunflower”, “Natural”, and “Leaf”.

I am loving their au naturel take on running a clothing business, and how they are keeping their products simple and few. It lets you focus on making your product the best it can be. And if you look at the buzz around Pansy, both by the media and stockists, it’s sure working.


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