What to Wear for that Party/Gala/Event

This time of year is a big party season. Yes, even if you aren’t going to the Met Gala, you probably have plenty of party outfits to worry about. Whether it’s a graduation ceremony, wedding party, prom, or anti-prom that you’re fumbling around in your closet for, do not fret. Here are looks for very formal, semi-dressy, and dressy-ish occasions.

  1. Formal– It could be prom, it could be a black-tie wedding. You’ll look good either way. The secret is looking natural, real, and relaxed. That means no fake tan, fake eyelashes, spandex, or  heavy contour. Ahhh.

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    2. Semi-dressy– By far the hardest to shop for, this is a graduation, or a wedding with people you want to impress. The trick is to spend a chunk of money on one solid dress, and then wear it to both events. A sick bag and cheap heels don’t hurt, either.

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    3. Dressy-ish– Okay, maybe this is an anti-prom, or a laid back wedding, but it’s still an event, which means that it still calls for a slideshow! If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a chronic over-dresser.

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    Welp, there you go! You’ve got a look for every occasion. Just don’t ask me about business casual…




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