Integrating Fashion Into Your Decor

A new house pleads for new furniture, new art, new decor. I’ve been on a hunt to make my furniture and new space as true to me and my design ethos as possible. After all, if clothing design is important to you, why shouldn’t furniture design be important, too? Here’s how to get some more style into your space.

Get some chic furniture

Statement chairs will (arguably) be the most fun pieces you’ll buy for your space. Yes, if you bought it, you can call it ‘your chair.’ I say- this is what you splurge on. Go to Design Within Reach or Danish Design Store with a wad of cash and don’t tell your mother how much that Egg Chair cost. If you want the statement chair without the statement price, UO, Ikea, Target, and World Market have good alternatives to that Eames.


Cover it with art & other decorative objects

It’s funny that the place I shop for art is actually a designer clothing consignment website, TheRealReal. However, their art is really good, original stuff, like Deborah Grant’s collages and Lawrence Schiller’s portraits of Barbra Streisand. That’s a great place to look. Of course, prints work just fine, too. Some iconic fashion photography (uh, helloo Irving Penn and Richard Avedon) hanging on your walls makes any place look chic.

Be on the hunt at flea markets, auctions, and vintage stores (especially when you travel)

The more unique, the better. Old park benches can be focal point seating, steam trunks can become coffee tables, punching bags can double as sculpture and…punching bag. Don’t act surprised! I’ve seen each of these examples play out and work. Start with a flea market mirror or vase, and soon you’ll be lugging chairs down the street. Every time you travel somewhere interesting, try to buy something for your space. It gives character (and you get to gush about your trip every time someone asks about the piece!)


(This is Jeanne Dumas’ shelf from her interview with Refinery 29)


Gather inspiration 

Whether that means making a board on Pinterest or just googling photos of hanging indoor planters, (been there, done that) inspiration is the key to having a rounded idea and getting new ones. Here are some of my current very contradicting inspirations:








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