Style Obsession: Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama’s fascinating story and iconic art has captivated the fashion world for years. Though her obsession with polka dots came out of hardship, (as a child she had hallucinations in which they appeared) they have a hypnotic aspect to them, and have covered everything from entire rooms to Louis Vuitton handbags.

Her style, consisting of her signature polka dots and repetitive prints, mirrors her artwork. And my, what a style it is! Her kimonos earlier in her career and her red wig later both signified an outsider status that Kusama relished. She’s even taken a spin as a designer herself, albeit an avant-garde one:

“When she launched her own fashion company in the 1960s, clothes featured not dots but holes, strategically placed for the breasts or buttocks. In the 1970s she made ‘orgy’ garments — to be worn by several people at once.” (Christie’s)

Here’s how to get the Yayoi Kusama look:

Head to Toe Dots



Black and white seem to be the colors of choice, with some dark green thrown in for good measure. Red pops, though you run the risk of being compared to Minnie Mouse. Truthfully, head to toe dots doesn’t look that hard to do, what with all the rompers and two piece sets in the pop art pattern.

Vibrant Hair


Yayoi Kusama’s red wig is simply impossible to miss. It’s quirky and oh, so, so memorable. No one will ever forget your name again. Just make sure to go for primary colors that pop (and maybe try out a wig before you get out the hair dye.)

I now have a great urge to go out and buy something printed with polka dots.

Until then,




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