The Search for the Perfect Sandals

Sandals are essential for summer, and with my trusty Havaianas ripped to shreds, I’m ready to go on a hunt for the perfect sandal. Online shopping is definitely a drug, and you best believe that I spent wayy longer than any normal shopper/human looking for these sandals. It was worth it, because, hey, what beautiful sandals they are! Trust me, you’ll want to see. And buy.

But first, let’s lay out some sandal criteria:

The *perfect* sandal must:

  1. Be easy to walk in
  2. Be able to pair with every outfit under the sun
  3. Be under a reasonable price limit (no $1,000 Miu Miu Teva-look-alikes here)
  4. Make my heart flutter!

I started with Zara. Affordability is already checked off here. Under $50 sandals, yippee! Their sandal section is a maximalist’s dream, and I found that I had a thing for satin and feathers slapped on slides. These definitely made my heart flutter. Just. Look. At. That. Brooch. Pairability? Less of a win.


& Other Stories has shoes I’ve admired in the past, but never pulled the trigger on. This time, I was drawn to more rugged bulky black sandals, but with a $125 dollar price tag and no passionate burning love for them, I had to pass. Walkability and pairability were absolute pluses, though.

0469064001_1_100020 0267041001_1_100011

Now, on to Topshop. I was drawn to red shoes with square toes here, which didn’t bother me one bit. Of course, those olive/army/camo green slides sort of ruin the trend. BUT these all get points for making my heart flutter, being reasonably priced, and, hmm, pairability? I do think red goes with everything, but I may have to test that theory…


Lastly, I looked at Urban Outfitters’ selection. They had a lot of disgusting pool slides, but hidden in between were…espadrilles!! I have an obsession with espadrilles, and even though UO’s canvas Soludos barely last one summer, they look pretty chic while they last. These sure do check a lot of my criteria, what with their walkability, affordability, and heart flutter-ability.

soludos-tan-leather-platform-espadrille-shoe-brown-product-5-128175597-normal soludos-red-dali-espadrille-slip-on-shoe-product-0-794643305-normal 34239426-black202620white-b350c401

Which sandal was your favorite? Which should I get? Can you see that my taste is completely all over the place?








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