Brand Spotlight: Hannah Jewett

Athleisure doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and neither does the tireless fight between minimalism and maximalism. Hannah Jewett’s hoodies are the middle path through these styles that I need. They’re simple black or white oversized hoodies. With one little twist.

They have jewelry chains instead of the usual simple cotton pulls for the hood. Chains can be classic hoop/ball or wavy and lucite, or any of the other combinations (though, sadly, they’re not customizable). You take the chain out if you need to wash the hoodie. Magic. It’s minimalist without being boring, and maximalist compared to every other hoodie on the market.

So…is this a win/win between maximalists and minimalists?

It seems so. How to make it even better? Topping this hoodie off with a maximalist jacket. I’m thinking bright colors and faux fur materials, like the orange Faustine Steinmetz jacket below. image

Now, if only it would get colder…





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