Can Skin Care Actually Wreak Havoc on Skin?

I love fancy skincare products. Little glass vials and exotic ingredients are right up my alley. However, I also have super sensitive skin. I thought that my skin routine of the Su:um Miracle Rose Cleansing stick, Alba Botanical Acne Dote, the occasional Fresh Rose Mask and some mild CeraVe moisturizer would be fine. Heck, more than fine. I hoped it would be good for my skin.

Erhm, I was wrong. A trip to the dermatologist proved my t-zone’s pores were clogged, and that all my products (this was my edited down routine, too!) were not helping. In fact, they could be causing it.

I was told to find Differin Gel, a gel that used to be prescription-only, at Target. It had Vitamin A, it was $12, I had been told by a doctor that it would cure all my problems. I was on cloud nine.

At first, Differin was fine. I liked that it was a gel consistency, but I wasn’t seeing any improvements with my skin. I reasoned that maybe long term use would be the change-maker. So I kept using it.

I kept using Differin even when I went on vacation to California. My skin begged for hydration. I knew it was time to do something when I was using my Boy Brow brush on my eyebrows and the skin around the brow started…flaking. Flaking. Off. I pumped that CeraVe moisturizer onto my t-zone with wild abandon and prayed to the skin gods.

And then I thought- What now?

What do you do when your skincare is wreaking more havoc than help? Do you cut it out cold turkey? Do you search the wave of products, looking for the shiny pins in the haystack? Do you strictly stick to CeraVe and other dermatologist-approved, absolutely boring brands? Or do you, I don’t know, crush up rose petals with glycerin acid and make your own?

Well? Fill me in on what you do!




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