Sunglasses are the Accessory of 2017

Okay, sunglasses are not new. I know that. *But* in 2017, there’s something completely new about them. They’re not the Ray Ban aviators of yore. They’re giant and bedazzled and in bright colors and altogether crazy. They make for fantastic photos, which is why I think these clownish sunnies have become so popular now, especially on Instagram.

There are a few main contenders for THE sunglass of 2017:

The Cobain– Who wasn’t wearing these? A hypebeast and street style peacock staple, these showed up on countless celebrities, and versions are still flying off shelves at stores ranging from Urban Outfitters to Acne Studios to Chanel.


The Gucci– Oversized to the max, with a giant Gucci logo right there on the side, these weren’t as absurdly popular as the Cobains, but they definitely have a place on this list. For those that wanted the Maximalist Flea market Gucci look but not the price tag, vintage was the answer to their prayers. Rihanna, however, went for the real deal.


 The Collab (Les Specs x Adam Selman)– Another Rihanna-worn pair came out of this collaboration between Adam Selman and Les Specs. The futuristic 50s cat eye shape called “The Last Lolita” sold OUT. It’s not hard to see why.


Okay, drumroll, please: THE sunglass of 2017 is…The Cobain!


They were everywhere, guys. Everywhere.

What do you think about The Cobain? Love it? Hate it? What about the other sunglasses on this list?

Tell me in the comments!


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