Movie With Major Style Inspo: Yves Saint Laurent

Of course a movie about an icon like Saint Laurent would have great fashion. Though this film about the famous designer was not as well-received as Saint Laurent, I still thought it worthy of a watch. No matter the plot, the costumes did not disappoint. The muses of Saint Laurent all looked impeccable, but the suiting was not to be looked over, either.

In short, there’s lots of major style inspo here.

First up? Belts (!!)


I love belts. A lot. And though technically the fabric Yves ties around the waist of this dress isn’t a belt per se, it acts like one, and if fabric belts are good enough for Yves Saint Laurent, they’re good enough for me.

How to wear it– Belt a suit jacket. Belt suit pants. Belt it all! Masculine clothes suddenly get polish if the waist is cinched. Feminine clothes get grit if you belt them with strong thick materials, bold shapes, and dark colors. Here, the Gucci belt reigns supreme, but any other belt packs just as much of a punch.

Second? Primary colors. Although this runway shot is of the other, better, Yves Saint Laurent movie, I’m letting that minor detail go. Look! At! The! Colors! Instead of tasting the rainbow with Skittles, wear the rainbow with YSL. God, that should be their tagline.


How to wear it– One primary piece, like fiery boots, or a yellow skirt, catches the eye, while piled-on rainbow patterns dial down “crazy” into more of a “whimsy”. Pick your poison! I’m especially partial to the blue duster coat and yellow sunglasses…

Okay, I know this is from the other, better, YSL movie, too. With these hats and earrings, who could blame me? Big earrings are certainly not going away anytime soon, so let’s talk about those, shall we?


How to wear it- A single statement earring is totally cool, and if you’re wearing two, matching is not a rule you need to follow. if you have cartilage or other parts of your ear pierced, don’t let them miss out on the action, and have an ear party.  Yes, an ear party.

Hope you found some style inspiration!

I’ll be right back, just going to belt some primary colors and hang giant earrings off my lobes.




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