The Real Stars of Couture Week Were the Hair and Makeup

Do not let this title mislead you. The clothes at couture week were not to be dismissed. Especially great were Fendi, Maison Margiela, Iris van Herpen, and Dior, though I’m including Dior solely for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s liberal use of belts.

My breath was taken away twice this week. Neither times was it by clothes.

First, it was by the Baby’s Breath adorning the models’ hair and bodies at Rodarte.

Second, it was the iconic futuristic makeup/hair combo (because it worked so well!) at Margiela.

What was it about the Baby’s Breath at Rodarte that so captivated me? I think it was how a piece of nature became a fashion accessory– one girl wore a string of the flowers like a feather boa. Or how a flower with such a connotation of youth and femininity took the shape of a lion’s mane, a symbol of strength and ferociousness. Or how the flowers scaling the models’ arms reminded me of statues overtaken by nature. Ugh. I could go on. It was fantastic.

41fed24600000578-4661598-flower_power_baby_s_breath_was_elevated_from_filler_floral_to_th-a-20_14991816500541  Rodarte, Couture Falll Winter 2017 Collection in Paris

On the absolute opposite end of the spectrum, Margiela’s beauty looks, served by Pat McGrath, and hair, by hairstylist Eugene Souleiman, were influenced by ‘speedy glamour’. The red foil lip was supposed to look thrown on, and the shampoo in the hair? The bleached eyebrows? It suggested that we were getting a peek of these women when we weren’t supposed to. Or, of course, it could be that the Margiela woman has more important things to do than, well, whatever beauty rituals we do now. Call it ‘new glamour’, but whatever you do, don’t call it lazy.

gettyimages-809182928  gettyimages-809183406

These were my favorite moments from Fall 2017 Couture Week.

What were yours?




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