Menswear Is More Interesting Than Women’s Wear Right Now

When Beyoncé posted the long-awaited picture of her new baby twins on Instagram, the flowery, flowing robe she was wearing was…menswear. Albeit the ruffled ensemble was very feminine gender-bending menswear, it still was an interesting choice, since Beyonce must have known that what she would wear for the picture would attract attention.

The truth is that menswear has been having more than a moment. It’s evolving.

From Supreme-obsessed hypebeasts to Pitti Uomo peacocks, men now have much more fashion styles and groups to be inspired by. Gender-bending clothing is also gaining more coverage by way of controversies such as Vogue’s Gigi and Zayn cover, which landed the magazine in hot water for co-opting LGBT terms. That’s not to say that gender-bending is controversial: MFW designers have shown many a man wearing a skirt, and women popping up in their shows is not uncommon.

The days of Brooks Brothers and water-proof suits are over. Now, MFW pushes out some of the coolest, freshest designers, and teen boys name-drop streetwear designers left and right.

How is this going to change the industry?

Is this good or bad for fashion, an industry that’s been woman-centric?

What do you think?




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