Style Obsession: SZA

Musicians have to be so multi-faceted now. Social media prowess, style, personality: you need all of these, and in abundance. SZA has them, and thanks to her, I’ve been looking for skorts to buy at one in the morning, as Ctrl, her newest album, plays in the background. (Though I don’t mention the skorts here, she does wear them and they are genius.)

Here’s how to get the SZA look:


An essential part of her look, SZA’s overalls pair so well with her long Dolly Parton-esque hair. It’s a nice juxtaposition of feminine and, well, farm. Remember: when buying a pair of overalls, you don’t want them to fit like skinny jeans or jeggings, or any of those monstrosities. Think loose and voluminous, and don’t stay away from interesting textures, shapes, or patterns. Yes, even head-to-toe checkers.

Big Hair 


SZA’s hair is the best thing ever. That’s just a fact. The volume, the length. It makes me wish I didn’t just cut my hair. If you have curly/kinky hair, growing it out can be a long process, so picking up extensions that match your texture can get you the look faster. I mean, just look at that Naomi Campbell picture below. Can life look any better?




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