An Ode to Bodysuits (and the Newly Returned American Apparel)

American Apparel shuttered, yes, but now they’re selling their classic pieces online. Barely any of them are made in America any more, now that Hanes has bought the company. And yet- it made me reminisce about a time in which grid patterns were thought cool and Terry Richardson employable…

As a petite person, American Apparel’s denim shorts and tennis skirts were a rare, perfectly-fitting gem. Clothes there were just expensive enough to make you feel like they were better-than-average quality, but not so much that a student with saved-up pocket money, like moi, couldn’t buy a pair of red/white exercise shorts on the weekend.

But recently, I’ve realized that American Apparel changed my style with one simple product- the bodysuit.

I had always been obsessed with tucking my shirt in. I thought it made a cleaner line and felt less…baggy. I had been doing this since, I don’t know, fourth grade. I vividly remember walking around with my friends, all of us in tucked shirts, while one talked about her parent telling her to untuck her shirt, and the audacity of them saying that it didn’t work with that outfit. She had staunchly refused to untuck the shirt. We vehemently applauded her decision.

The bodysuit was a revelation. And then, to secure the jeans around the bodysuit, I found belts. Again, it changed my style, and now, when I want to feel the most like me, that’s what I wear. It’s simple, it’s classic, it can be accessorized to all hell or worn with one statement shoe. Gah, that’s my ode to bodysuits.




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