What to Wear When You’re Sad

Maybe you’re sad because of recent developments in the news. Maybe you just watched a really sad movie (Marley and Me? Moonlight?) Maybe it’s simply the Sunday scaries. Perhaps a major life change happened, something that really shook up your routine.

Getting dressed in the morning is a routine, just like brushing your teeth or washing your face, and when you’re really not into them, going through the motions can feel, well, really challenging.  In the end, remember that clothes are just *gasp* clothes, and sometimes you need to save your energy for other things. And that’s okay. Here’s a simple guide to help.

  1. Comfort– Swath yourself in cashmere, and wool, and velvet, and silk, and other really nice feeling fabrics. Shawls are both dramatic and, practically, blankets, so make good use out of them. A long cardigan has the same effect, and is equally cozy. Take note of Yeezy season 5 and get some camo pants and hoodies.


2. Bright Colors- Fashion can be so much fun, and fun things make you feel better. That’s a fact. Feed into facts by wearing bright colors and prints and Marco di Vincenzo shoes. And remember: sometimes a splurge is worth it. Especially if that splurge is a neon orange Miu Miu coat…

d90443a8099e6031d2e0d7cbdf76f4d7-overflow-fancy-shoes  miu_miu_fall_winter_2017_2018_collection_paris_fashion_week5

3. Self-care (whatever that means)- Light a candle! Watch Netflix! Online shop a bit! Put on a sheet mask! Bake some lemon bars! This has been a PSA.

Psst: the best candles are from Need Supply Co., and the best sheet masks are from Korea via Peach & Lily.





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